Book Club

Hard Feelings Book Club

Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for being here, and welcome to the Hard Feelings Book Club!

We’ve moved our Book Club Blog over to Substack! Click here for the latest updates.

We decided to start this book club because we wanted to connect with you in new ways, and share our love of books. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and insights around topics that impact us all, and help build stronger mental health.

We hope that the HF Book Club will provide a sense of community, and create a platform for self-expression and discussion. We will pick a new book every few months that we’ll read together and discuss here on our blog. You can expect reflection prompts to help you dive into the books, and that will build discussion with others.

Our aim is to facilitate a space where all voices are heard and amplified. This is why we will be selecting books by new and emerging authors, those who identify as queer and IBPOC, and ones that shed light on mental health, self-exploration and learning. We want to address important topics in an uplifting way, that can help us navigate our world, ourselves, and our relationships in more fulfilling ways.

If you’d like to join, you can sign up for our HF Book Club Substack at the link below. Sign up to receive latest updates on which books we’re reading, reflections, prompts, ways to participate, and meeting times!

We look forward to reading along with you!


Happy reading,