Our three private offices are rented by counsellors in private practice who are committed to supporting our mission. They offer low-cost counselling to individuals who are facing financial barriers to accessing mental health supports. This means that they will work with you to determine a sliding scale session rate based on what you can afford. Counselling fees may be covered by your student or employee extended health benefits plan.

Counsellors work in a short-term model of practice. We limit counselling to a maximum of 12 sessions so that we can keep our wait times low and support as many people as possible. If you require longer term counselling, we can work with you to help you find what you need.

You will be charged $50 (individual) or $90 (family/couple) for your first appointment. During this intake, your counsellor will assess your capacity to pay for counselling and together you will set an ongoing session fee, ranging from $60 – $80 per session for individual counselling and $90 – $110 for family or couples counselling.

If you can afford market-rate counselling (generally $125 – $225 per hour), we can suggest counselling options outside of Hard Feelings.

Counselling services offered at Hard Feelings are for adults ages 18 and older. If you are under 18 and looking for support, please call Kids Help Phone at 1.800.668.6868

The Counsellors

The counsellors in our community of practice are private practitioners who are registered with their professional college and carry private liability insurance. We carefully select counsellors based on their experience and skills, professional designation and commitment to our values.

Profiles of our counsellors are available here.

Accessibility in Our Space

Our counselling offices are located in our storefront. The storefront is accessible with a StopGap ramp and one counselling office is wheelchair accessible. Our washroom is not accessible, as it is down a staircase to the basement. There are three stairs to access the other two counselling rooms. if you have any accessibility needs, please let your counsellor know so they can try to accommodate them.


Scheduling an Appointment

We do not provide centralized intake – you must book directly with one of the counsellors. You can come into the store to ask about scheduling an appointment or you can follow the steps below:

To make an appointment for counselling:

  1. View the counsellor profiles (click here)
  2. Choose a counsellor you might like to work with. Think about what you are hoping to get out of counselling and how that matches with the skills and experience of a counsellor.
  3. Email that counsellor directly and ask to schedule an appointment. You will hear back from them shortly.

You can also call the storefront at 416.792.4393 or come in to get help navigating the website and counsellor profiles. We will be happy to assist you in contacting a counsellor.

Note: Our short-term counselling services are not appropriate for individuals struggling with complex and severe mental illness. We may be able to support you in the short-term or help you find other resources.