Hard Feelings Toronto
Headshot of Ary Maharaj. Ary is a cis man of Asian-Caribbean descent, with short straight black hair parted to the side. He is standing in front of a group of trees and is wearing a green, short-sleeved button up shirt.

Ary is available Thursday evenings.

To make an appointment to see Ary, please contact him at a[email protected]


Ary Maharaj


Education: MEd, RP (Qualifying)

Background: Ary has worked in post-secondary and community-based settings, providing individual counselling and group support for racialized communities; facilitating community education to youth, teachers, parents, and healthcare providers; and writing research and policy aimed at preventing mental health issues from developing.

Specialty: Supporting people as they navigate important life transitions, explore their values and identities, unpack coping mechanisms that are no longer helpful, and hold space for waves of messy emotions like anger, guilt, shame, and grief.

Approach: He draws on techniques from emotion-focused therapy (EFT), internal family systems (IFS), motivational interviewing (MI), and positive psychotherapy (PPT).

Perspective: Ary fundamentally trusts you as the knowledge-keeper of your own experience, and views therapy as a journey. He is honoured to walk alongside you to elicit insight that can help you reach your goals. He is invested in co-creating a relationship that values authenticity, compassion, honesty, and respect – where you can share without judgment and be curious together. He is immensely passionate about practicing therapy from a place of cultural humility and aims to balance recognizing the impact of systemic injustices on mental health with creating spaces that allow people to have breathing room to experience healing.