Hard Feelings Toronto
New low-cost counselling centre proves popular with clients working through difficult emotions

July 9, 2018

Hard Feelings Toronto
Chapter 56: Kate the Therapist on navigating knotty natures to nurture our needs

3 Books with Neil Pasricha

Hard Feelings Toronto
Hard Feelings brings low-cost therapy and stylish self-care to the people

Toronto Star
August 29, 2021

Hard Feelings Toronto
Hard Feelings: Setting a new course for healing

SCOPO Magazine
Issue #2

Hard Feelings Toronto
Help Through the Darkness

University of Toronto Magazine
November 25, 2018

Hard Feelings Toronto
How One Toronto Storefront Provides Accessible and Affordable Therapy

Readers Digest
April 8, 2020

Hard Feelings Toronto
Toronto business bridges gap in mental health care access

Broadview Magazine
January 10, 2020

Hard Feelings Toronto
Hard Feelings: An Innovative Non-Profit Social Enterprise on a Mission to Reduce Barriers…

Social Work Now (OASW)
January 2018

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